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Meet Mara 

Entrepreneur, clinician in professional settings around the Twin Cities, mom, holistic health and nature lover. 

As a professional in the field of addiction recovery for years I have encountered complex problems with individuals on a daily basis. Problems that seep into interpersonal relationships, business, and internal negative feelings about oneself that dictate their external cyclical behaviors in the environment.

Put an end to the cycle.


Of feeling defeated, unmotivated, helpless, uninspired, and living in lack. 

The answer is in you..



When you understand the mind and the way the nervous system influences your thoughts and ultimately your actions and behaviors, you will understand the significance of developing this observational practice. We are here to help you tap into your intuitive inner guide and healing. All life coaching includes mindfulness practices. 

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"I never felt judged by you. You have an open mind which makes it easy to talk to you. You helped me celebrate another birthday".  Robert

"I love how passionate and knowledgeable you are. It has been such a great experience in classes with you"! 


"You lead the group effectively without making the group feel like you were above them".  Amanda

Health Guides 


Meditation Guide

A list of top recommendations to start a meditation habit and resources on brain wave states. 


Immunity Guide

A guide list on the best foods, supplements, herbs, and essential oils for immunity boost. 


Vitamin Recovery Guide 

A vitamin guide for recovery with substance use abuse. 

*Medical Disclaimer*


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