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Clinical Notes


This is the place for helpful books and resources for substance use and co-occurring disorders. 


Trauma Specific 

Learn and understand trauma in the field of psychology and other sciences. Understand the importance of trauma informed care in various health settings. 


MAT/Harm Reduction

Receive education on harm reduction methods and the effects of MAT. 

Support Groups

 Support Groups 

Learn more about various support groups for mental health, substance use, and life changes.

Mind Body Health

Mind-Body Health


Understand the mind body connection and thinking- feeling- behavioral loops. 

Learn how to control and hack your autonomic nervous system. 

Sacred Sexual Health

Sacred Sexual Health

Learn about concepts in masculinity and femininity.

Understand how to tune into and honor your body through sexual acts, regardless of gender identity or relationship definition, 

Holistic Physical Health

Holistic Physical


Learn more on how to control your physical health and improve your health through supplementation. 

Emotional, Spiritual, Mental Health

Emotional, Spiritual, Mental Health

Learn about the interconnectedness of these 3 dimensions in holistic health. 

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