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The Return to Self

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The Ocean has always been my favorite space to meditate.

Those sunrise morning runs that filled me with energy and inspiration.

The yoga practice by the Ocean, which was my way to make peace with life thus far. The intimate feels sitting in the sand with a cup of coffee before the sun rose, envisioning life goals and using the Ocean as this symbolic ideal lover I was wrapped up with.

It all started from this coastal highway sunset drive years ago. Awe, that was a night of magic! A night where nature and fate opened the narrow blinds of life wide open with intense feelings of love towards appreciating freedom, self-discovery, and adventures.

Where creativity came in like a cool breeze after a wild storm with an understanding that power doesn't come from moving through life with force but rather free flows with change. The contentment rose up in me like the waves in the water with the realization that I was simply returning to myself.

Thoughts to ponder:

Where do you feel connected to yourself?

Have you experienced undeniable realizations of yourself?

Can you feel the differences when you are feeling your experiences vs analyzing them?

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